Monday, April 7, 2008

Week Long Daily Blog

I realized that I never did the week long blog posting assignment that was given to us a little time ago, so I decided to go ahead and do it for this week.

Sunday: Today was more of a laid back day for me. I came back from a short weekend retreat today, so I was pretty tired. I came home to take a nap (which is rare for me), then went to a park and played basketball with some friends of mine. Then I came back to the crib and started getting some things done (seems like that's all I will be doing for the rest of the stinkin' semester!!!). My sister Michelle called me and told me that her and my brother Tim wanted to come to Indy for a few days to hang out with me and my parents. That was awesome to hear because I don't get to see my sister much anymore since she moved to Tennessee, and my brother just moved to Columbus, so it'd be awesome to get to see them for a few days. Only problem is that they would be coming toward the end of this semester and I may not get to spend much time with them because of work, classes, projects, capstone, and any other goodness. So, we'll see.

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