Monday, April 14, 2008


To be honest, I struggled with this assignment.  When I read the description, and even when I heard it from Beth in class, nothing screamed out in my mind saying "Do this!  This would be cool do do." (which normally happens to me when getting a new assignment).  

When thinking through it a little more, I decided that I wanted to do something dealing with tangible, real life connections.  So what I decided to do was take pictures of things around my house that have connections.  I ended up using 10 of the pictures I took.  Things I captured were wall outlets, surge protectors, internet wi-fi connections, aux. connection, and other things that I used as connections everyday.

Then, in thinking about the assignment and the amount of points it is worth, I decided to take those 10 pictures and turn them into 10,000 pictures.  (Yes, if my math is correct, there should be 10,000 mini pictures in the image that you see below).  I resized them and adjusted them to fit on one screen.  All 10,000 pictures of connections are connected to each other.

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spyroterra said...

What a neat idea! Can you post the image larger???