Monday, April 7, 2008

Last Week's Class

Overall, I thought last weeks class was pretty cool. For the first portion of the class, I thought the onion assignments that the students shared were interesting. The video to me was cool, but I didn't find it to be "oniony" at all. At least not with the description Beth is saying it should be like. I wasn't at all moved or stunned by the video. The pictures I thought were more along that direction. A few of the pictures to me were fairly shocking and revealing. Honestly, this assignment has been frustrating to me. I never usually have trouble coming up with ideas for projects like this, or at least concepts for creative assignments. But this assignment has been different because I just can't come up with anything for this thing. I've had a few ideas I've been wrestling with in my mind.

The second half of the class was interesting as well. It was cool seeing the pictures that Beth made. My favorite one was definitely the picture that looked like the huge, warrior in all black. It was awesome! The story about "Rose" was pretty freaky. As far as the in class exercise, my thoughts varied. At first it was frustrating coming up with something from the word "proof". But as our group brainstormed harder, we came up with a pretty cool concept which I was happy with.

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