Monday, April 14, 2008

Ben Phillippe's Identity Project

Overall, I thought Ben's identity project was pretty cool. From what I can remember, it was very visually appealing. It had lots of different colors and textures on it (mainly from things outdoors like dirt, leaves, etc.). It was an interesting piece to look at.

As far as criticism goes for this one, I would say one thing it did like (at least for me) was personalization for it. I don't remember any major reasons as to why this creation of his was in fact somehow to be identified with him as a person, student, brother, or anything else. It could be that I just don't remember or wasn't paying too much attention as he explained, but I feel like if it was something that would have stood out, then I would have been able to remember it.

Again, though I think it was a solid effort. So, I would have to give this a grade of B (for Ben!). Good job bro.

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