Monday, January 28, 2008

50 Questions

1. What if everyone believed that God existed?
2. What if everyone understood that they have a purpose in this life?
3. What if people thought logically about spiritual matters?
4. What if everyone lived their lives everday in light of eternity?
5. What if there was no evil in the earth?
6. What if abortion was punishable by death?
7. What if people cared about others more than themselves?
8. what if people took just 30 minutes out of the day to meditate on God and heavenly things?
9. What if everyone viewed sexuality as serious in the site of God and to be honored in
10. What if everyone made an effort to serve at least one person a day?
11. What if people spent more time reading the Bible than they do reading email?
12. What if people talked more to God than they do to people on AIM?
13. What if people viewed money and possessions as only temporary things that don't last?
14. What if people actually stopped to think about what Tom Brady said when he talked about
there having to be more to life than this?
15. What if everyone was given a millisecond glimpse into eternity?
16. What if everyone understood that God desires intimate relationship with his creation?
17. What if people lived for a higher calling?
18. What if everyone viewed the Bible as a light and guide admist the darkness?
19. What if people were not so concerned about what others think about them?
20. What if the majority of people hearing or reading this right now didn't see me as a
21. What if people were not afraid to stand up for what they believe in?
22. What if people were able to travel back in time?
23. What if life & existance on earth ended right now?
24. What if other's problems & concerns were more important than self-image in our society
25. What if America were to go under right now?
26. What if the average American had to spend the rest of their life in a third world, poverty
stricken country?
27. What if big name rappers were drafted to fight in a war?
28. What if we could never use the internet again?
29. What if we stopped making excuses for evil acts?
30. What if people realized that on average 2 people die every second?
31. What if everyone realized just how little we really are in comparison to everything else?
32. What if everyone understood the brevity of life?
33. What if everyone understood the absolute importance of thinking about what happens when
you die?
34. What if life wasn't about "me"?
35. What if you were not able to eat anything today?
36. What if everyone realized that they are breathing this very second for a reason?
37. What if we understood that the decisions our current generation makes will dictate the
future our nation?
38. What if time we were able to go back in time?
39. What if our current generation was taken back to live in the 1500's?
40. What if everything wasn't so easy in western society?
41. What if we told those who we care about how we feel about them once in awhile?
42. What if popular rappers were not the role models of many pre-teen and teenagers?
43. What if the average realized that many Christian rap artists are better lyricists than most secular rap artists?
44. What if New Media was only used to better the world?
45. What if we faced every single issue in our life instead of running away from them?
46. What if everyone valued family much more?
47. What if there were more men in the world?
48. What it just one person would think about the these questions?
49. What if this project wasn't harder than I was thinking it would be?
50. What if the average PC user would spend more than just 10 minutes "trying to using an
Apple computer?"

Sunday, January 13, 2008

The Fork

Honestly, I had forgotten about the fork for most of the week.  After getting the fork in class last Monday, I stuck it in one of the side pouches of my bag.  Throughout the week, I would remember the poor thing here and there, but would always put off any notion of interaction with it.  Finally, on Saturday when I was messing around on my MacBook, I decided to do something with it.  At the time I was fairly hungry, so I saw this as a perfect opportunity.

I decided to get some cold cereal and use the fork to assist in the job.  So I grab
bed a bowl, poured some Dyno Bites into it (Fruity Pebbles are actually the generic br
and to this cereal if you didn't know alre
ady), added some cold milk,
 and started to enjoy some nice grub.
  The first couple bites were cool, but then I soon realized one problem; a fork is not the best option when eating cold cereal.

I then came upon a tough dilemma; do I continue using the fork that I've become so dearly attached to and keep on hindering the enjoyable experience of Dyno Bites, or do I ditch my new friend and grab a spoon to fully enjoy the treat?  My hunger ruled in this decision, and unfortunately, the fork had to go.  B
ut, I must say, it was fun while it lasted.